[EU-VARASTO] ENGWE M20 20*4.0” Fat Renkaat Sähköpyörä

€1146 € 1 299
[EU-VARASTO] ENGWE M20 20*4.0” Fat Renkaat Sähköpyörä
[EU-VARASTO] ENGWE M20 20*4.0” Fat Renkaat Sähköpyörä
€1146 € 1 299

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Get the ENGWE M20 20*4.0” Fat Tires Electric Bike for only €1146 with this coupon! This bike features a 750W Brushless Motor, 45km/h Max Speed, and 48V 13Ah Battery. It also comes in the color green. Please note that this coupon is valid for all 🇪🇺 European warehouses, and you can enjoy tax-free and fast shipping from Europe. To learn more about GeekMaxi Warehouse and Customs TAX, click TÄSSÄ.


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[EU-VARASTO] ENGWE M20 20*4.0 tuuman rasvarenkaat sähköpyörä

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The ENGWE M20 20*4.0” Fat Tires Electric Bike

The ENGWE M20 is an electric bike that features a powerful 750W brushless motor with a peak of 1000W that will allow you to accelerate swiftly and handle 10-degree slopes with ease. Additionally, it has a top speed of 45km/h, giving you an exciting and adventurous ride.

The bike also has 20*4.0 fat tires that provide additional stability and confidence for riders in various on/off-road conditions. The dual shock systems on the front hydraulic shock and rear air shock provide 2 times more powerful shock absorbance than normal bikes.

The design is fish-inspired to give it an evolution flying streamline design and speed boost technology. With the Shimano 7-speed gearbox, you can expect reliable and accurate shifting. Also, the bike has a lightweight aluminum alloy frame that makes it 40% lighter than high carbon steel bikes.

The ENGWE M20 is equipped with a dual-disc brake system and fast heat dissipation to ensure safe and smooth braking situations. However, please note that it has not the CoC Certificate and ABE Certificate, and you should read the local regulations and wear protective measures while driving it.

For more information on the warranty and return terms, click on this link: Takuu- ja palautusehdot.


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Merkki: ENGWE Tyyppi: sähköpyörä Malli: M20 Väri: Vihreä


Materiaali: 6061 alumiiniseos Koko: 20 x 4.0 tuumaa Moottori: 750 W harjaton moottori Vääntö: 55 Nm Akku: 48V13Ah Lithium-Ion-akku Suurin nopeus: 45 km/h (todellinen nopeus vaihtelee kuljettajan painon ja tieolosuhteiden mukaan) Suurin kilometrimäärä: 55 km sähkötilassa 1 ja 75 km PAS-tilassa 1 Latausaika: noin 5H Suurin nousuaste: 10 astetta Jarru: 160 mm edessä ja takana levykoneen jarru Vaihteisto: Shimano 7 Gears Suurin kuormitus: 264.55 paunaa (120 kg) Suosittele kuljettajan korkeutta: 5.0-6.8 (ft) tai 155-210 (cm)

Paino ja koko

Tuotteen paino: 34.8kg Pakkauksen paino: 40.5kg Tuotteen koko: 167 x 114 x 68cm Pakkauksen koko (L x L x K): 140 x 32 x 85cm

Pakkauksen sisältö

1 x sähköpyörä 1 x laturi 1 x Työkalut 1 x Käyttöopas


Tuotteen arvostelu

The ENGWE M20 20*4.0” Fat Tires Electric Bike is an excellent option for riders who want a powerful bike that can handle various terrains and provide a comfortable ride. With its 750W brushless motor and Shimano 7-speed gearbox, it can quickly accelerate and tackle steep hills, while the fat tires provide stability, safety, and added confidence in variable riding conditions. However, it is essential to note that it may not comply with some local regulations and does not come with CoC or ABE certificates.


  • Powerful 750W brushless motor with peak power of 1000W
  • Can handle 10-degree slopes with ease
  • Has 20*4.0 fat tires that provide stability and confidence in various riding conditions
  • Dual shock systems on the front and rear provide powerful shock absorbance


  • May not comply with some local regulations
  • Does not come with CoC or ABE certificates
  • Requires protective measures while driving
  • Cannot ride on rainy days or soak in water for safety reasons

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